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Private Beta Phase 1 Signup Form

With Commando Jack Respawn, we aim to build upon the original version, delivering a far more action packed, challenging and fun strategical experience. We are looking for gamers to play test our early versions of Commando Jack Respawn, so we can fine tune the game to meet the most exacting standards of our customers. Please fill in this form to apply to help us develop Commando Jack Respawn by providing us valuable feedback about our game while it is in development.

Sneak Peek Video

Pre-Alpha Footage - not representative of final gameplay.

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Bonuses For Completing This Beta

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Your Responsibilities

What Will Be Required Of You

  1. Play unfinished versions of the game, and provide valuable feedback, used to improve the game
  2. Answer in depth questions (via Google Forms or similar) about your experience
  3. Once your feedback has been addressed, we will provide you with a new version of the game, which you will need to check, to see if the feedback has been properly addressed

Qualifying Terms To Participate

Please only apply if you meet all of the following conditions

  1. You have bought and played at least one Tower Defence game before and enjoyed it
  2. You have bought and played at least one First Person Shooter game before and enjoyed it
  3. English is your first language
  4. You are over 18
  5. You have access to a computer (PC) browser

Non Disclosure Terms


  1. You agree to keep this agreement in strict confidence
  2. You will not record or transmit any footage, screenshots or media related to this beta, to anyone
  3. Once the beta is over, you will completely destroy any materials, digital or not, that are related to this test
  4. You understand that any breach of these terms will be dealth with in the courts of the United Kingdom

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